Zombie Health Game


The Challenge: How can we create a health game that translates physical activity in the real world (measured via Apple Watch and mobile phone) into an epic zombipocalypse survival game based on the popular TV series, The Walking Dead?
The Team: Me, 1 Behavior Change Designer, 2 Illustrators, 1 Project Manager
My Role: Conceptual thinking, Experience Design, Narrative Design, Content, Creative Direction

Walking_Dead_1 Walking_Dead_2 Walking_Dead_3 Walking_Dead_4 Walking_Dead_5 Walking_Dead_6 Walking_Dead_7 Walking_Dead_8 Walking_Dead_9 Walking_Dead_10 Walking_Dead_11 Walking_Dead_12 Walking_Dead_13 Walking_Dead_14 Walking_Dead_15 Walking_Dead_16 Walking_Dead_17 Walking_Dead_18 Walking_Dead_19